NeoCollar Smart ID collar

Love Your Pawdel

Our wearable pieces of love aren’t just designed to be stylish accessories. It’s a lifestyle to raise their general welfare — their perceived standing in our society from just mere animals to our equal companions. We created Pawdel to be a statement of love. A statement of love for your pawdel.


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Pet Fragrances

Cleaning Supplies


Bow Ties


noun | paw’d-l

A pet animal with a sophisticated poise or style.

Free Smart ID Tag for Every Adopted Shelter Animal

A rehomed shelter dog goes missing, back in the streets again. As if the circumstances that brought them to an animal shelter weren’t tragic enough.

Pawnec: Accelerates the recovery of missing pets with connectivity

The brand revelation of our new software — Pawnec™️ — a wearable digital identification system to accelerate the recovery of missing pets.

The Missing Pet Epidemic

How could this be? In the age of the internet and biochips, pets still go missing, never to be found by the only person they’re loyal to.

Our dogs saved our relationship by raising a family

We loved each other but our future was no longer clear and we were growing apart. We’re living two different worlds until we adopted a pet.

Gnocchi: Valerie’s furry firecracker who sparked her family with new life

A dumpling of dough is the first impression that PawParent Valerie had of the new puppy who came into her and her husband’s life.

Dog Names of the Month

We started personalizing dog accessories two years ago. To commemorate this, we will launch today the inaugural Dog Names of the Month.

Loki: the magic between a father-and-daughter relationship

Before Loki’s arrival, Manny and Hannah would have the usual father-daughter disagreements. Now that he is in the center of their lives, “my dad and I also have become closer and a team because he is now a Paw GrandDad.”

Karla Lange-Smith grows Pawdel New Zealand in a dog-loving country

We have 4 million people in the country and about 1 million of us have dogs. There are also 2 million registered domestic cats. The number is increasing 20% every year.

Bella the Toy Poodle: the small furry ball of big energy

Toy poodle Bella may be a small dog but she is God’s biggest blessing to her pet parent. Bella the Toy Poodle is November’s Next Top Pawdel of the month.

All those scary stories you have heard about pit bulls – NOT TRUE

Duke is the loving pit bull that debunks the myths agains so-called scary dogs.

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