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Written by Arrian Lim

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One of the exciting parts of being a pet parent is giving a name to your new pet. Since the Lenten season has just passed, our religious reflection inspired us to relate our Top 12 Pet Names of the month. Isn’t awesome if we name them from a religious divine?

Without further ado, here is the list we thought you’d like for your new puppy or kitten.

Dog and cat names inspired by religion

1. Dharm 

It came from the word “Dharma” in Buddhism which means that they encompass everything that was taught by the Buddha.

2. Aaron 
3. Adam 
4. Eden 
5. Chand 

A common Indian name. “Chandra” in Hindu means “pleasant”, “shining”, and “moon”.

6. Cyrus 
7. Elijah 
8. Israel 
9. Nur 

It can also be spelled as Noor. It means “divine light” in Arabic.

10. Elijah 
11. Zilla 
12. Shiloh 

It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Shiloh is “God’s gift”. Isn’t all our furbabies a Shiloh? 

We always want the best for our pets so when we pick names for them, we prefer to name them with those that have a unique and deep meaning. Personally, I would choose the name Shiloh, because the goodness of our pets coming into our lives is heaven sent! Calling my pet Shiloh is a daily reminder that God sent me a furry angel to stay by my side.

Cyrus and Aaron round up my top 3. These names are gentle yet powerful and these are best if your pet is just small yet playfully aggressive. Hihi!

How about you? Which among these 12 religious pet names would you pick for your dog or cat? I would love to know! 🤗


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