The EcoTag is a lightweight wooden smart name tag powered by Pawnec ⁠— a digital pet identification system made wearable for pets by Pawdel.

Your pet’s profile can be accessed via QR code and a backup NFC. Unlike traditional pet name tags, this smart name tag contains multiple layers of information for multiple chances of reconnecting with you when they go missing. Its dynamic content provides for digital individualization, personal privacy, a missing pet recovery system, and recreational VIP perks.

This is our direct and modern response to the Missing Pet Epidemic. And a practical alternative to airtag for dogs and cats.

It’s made of eco-friendly wood. A renewable natural resource because it sustainably grows much faster.

Smart Content

Connect Remotely

Imagine what a tiny smart device can do when it’s powered by Pawnec — a pet technology software to innovate the way we connect with our pets.

Eco-Sustainable Wood

Eco-friendly Wood

It’s made of lightweight renewable natural resource that sustainably grows fast in our ecosystem.

Hangs easily

Hangs Easily

Uses a bronze-plated carabiner hook to conveniently hang and remove on any type of collar

Durable Eco Wood

Sylishly Durable

Top-coated with stain and water resistance to be practical daily wear for dogs and cats.



Laser-etched with level H QR Code — an industry-leading tolerance to damage of up to 30%. It’s backed up by a fail-safe NFC microchip too.



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What is Pawnec?

Pawnec is comprised of multi-layers of connectivity: smart profile, location intelligence, alert system, data security, and VIP treatment.

Accelerated Recovery

  • Our multiple layers of connectivity with your pet give you peace of mind when they get lost. Beyond the usual mobile number and pet name, anyone who finds your missing pet can reconnect you with your pet in multiple ways.

Recreational Perks

  • Your pet’s digital ID isn’t just for emergencies. Receive VIP treatment by getting exclusive access to discount vouchers from partner merchants. Your loyalty in Pawnec will earn you rewards such as Pawnec-accessory replacement or other products and services.

Personal Privacy

  • We take data protection seriously. We hide your sensitive information from visitors of your pet’s profile and we lock it away too in a separate data center and network architecture that are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

All it takes is this Pawnec-powered accessory and a smartphone to identify your missing pet.

Getting Started

Connect your pet at Pawnec in 3 easy steps

  1. Scan your brand new Pawnec-powered accessory with your smartphone to initiate activation.
  2. Scratch the accompanying card in the packaging to reveal the PIN to activate.
  3. Build your pet’s profile to strengthen your emergency circle.
Frequently Asked Question

Visit Pawnec’s FAQ page to find answers to all of your questions such as “Is it a 24/7 GPS tracker?” or “Does it work like a biochip?

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You can also find relevant resources in their Support Center community of users and technology specialists to help people like you.

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What’s Inside Pawnec?

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