Pawnec: Accelerates the recovery of missing pets with connectivity

Pawnec Logo Revelation

Written by Arrian Lim

Co-founded Pawdel to be at the forefront of this crazy emerging trend of pet humanization by creating wearable pieces of love for our pet companion.


Today is the brand revelation of our new software — Pawnec ®.

What does it do? It’s a wearable digital identification system to accelerate the recovery of your missing pet.

Duke's public missing profile on Pawnec
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Duke’s public missing profile on Pawnec

In the age of connectivity and biochips, pets still go missing, never to be reconnected with the only companion they’re loyal to. We cannot imagine another dog or cat being lonely in the streets and crying their hearts out not to be heard by their PawDad and PawMom. There’s just too much time and effort to recover a missing pet. Pawnec™️ shortens the time and simplifies the effort to quickly recover a missing pet.

The Missing Pet Recovery Cycle
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The Missing Pet Recovery Cycle ™


Following Pawdel’s mission of nurturing the relationship between pets and their human companion with love, Pawnec™️ will connect pets and people in ways we otherwise couldn’t with our mere accessories.

Pawnec logo monogram
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Our letter A monogram logo needs no more explanation of pawnecting pets and people. That’s the whole point! Pawnec™️ should be inclusive, easy, and universal.

We announced several months ago our company’s 12-year roadmap as a redefined digital pet lifestyle company⁠.⁠

2021 was the start of our “digital-first” initiatives. After launching our multisite website last year as a foundational infrastructure in our globalization of “Philippine-made, made for the world”, we’re now close to launching our pet tech brand — Pawnec — our new digital services business.

Action speaks louder than words

When mean it when we said “In 12 years — the average lifespan of a dog — we aim to serve 12 million dogs and cats in a single year with our wearable pieces of love.⁠”

A great amount of funding, infrastructure, and pet population is needed to serve this purpose. We took the initial steps to make this possible for our fledgling pet tech startup.

✅ US-registered pet tech C-corporation
✅ Admission for Amazon’s AWS Activate Portfolio
✅ Wearable tech for pets under USD 10.00
✅ Amazon approved brand registry
✅ United States Patent and Trademark Office registration

We’ll do more to take all 12 million steps to realize our dream to be the company that leads a world where mankind deserves the love of pets; where pets are no longer mere animals [aso lang naman yan] but our equal companions [parang anak ko na yan].⁠

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