Bella the Toy Poodle: the small furry ball of big energy


Written by Cora Llamas

Content strategist, project manager, and reluctant cat whisperer. 🙂 Going back to my love of and care for pets. Used to have a lot of dogs years ago until life and work happened. Now I still got an azkal-jack-russell terrier and a cat who keeps on insinuating herself in my life. My 5-year-old grandnephew loves pets so who knows? our menagerie just might grow.


Bella, the toy poodle of Louise Ysabel Saclolo, really does look and live up to her name. But don’t underestimate her intensity, playfulness, and capability to do almost non-stop motion, all of which make her a small, lovable ball of tremendous energy. As her PawMom calls her, Bella is an “alpha” dog—belying her breed, size, age, and yes, gender.

Bella’s bursts of fun were a huge help in keeping Louise, a senior law student at Arellano University, from going bonkers during last year’s pandemic and its frequent lockdowns. Adding to the stress was that Louise’s decision to stay in Manila was not really her own. Based in Bulacan, the pet-loving girl had just traveled to her place in the NCR to do a few academic errands—only to find out soon after that COVID-19 cases near her hometown made returning inadvisable.


“I was only in the Metro supposedly just to submit school requirements, but we almost ended up staying in Manila for almost a month with no extra clothes, food, or books,” Louise recalls. “I only brought my wallet, phone, and Bella.”



“I was only in the Metro supposedly just to submit school requirements, but we almost ended up staying in Manila for almost a month with no extra clothes, food, or books,” Louise recalls. “I only brought my wallet, phone, and Bella.”

Fortunately, the months-old puppy was characteristically “a happy one,” and her personality relieved Louise from a lot of the anxiety and tension during those trying weeks.

Ironically, Bella was just initially “borrowed” by Louise from her uncle as her own older dog, Kitkat, was giving birth. The Golden Retriever stayed with the senior human male during the time of her pregnancy, while the Toy Poodle was bunking with his niece. But it did not take a long time for Bella to capture Louise’s heart.

Still, Louise did not immediately ask her uncle for Bella or offer to buy the puppy. The thought that she would eventually return the smaller dog made her hesitate and prompted her to steal her emotions to stop herself from getting attached. Then there was the practical aspect of taking care of three pet children: Bella, Kitkat, and Kitkat’s new puppy. Louise seriously considered if she would have the time and energy to be a pet parent while juggling school and errands.



But Bella’s winning nature and cute looks overrode her reservations. “She looks super small and shy, but is very clingy and loves to cuddle!” says Louise.

The affectionate advice of Carlo, Louise’s boyfriend, also helped her make up her mind to adopt Bella. Carlo’s family, especially his father, are seasoned pet parents and have taken care of many dogs for years. Though Louise herself had her fair share of nurturing the lovable furries, her time with him was an eye-opener.

“They did not allow dogs to enter our house in Bulacan,” explains Louise. “But in Carlo’s house in Rizal, the dogs are a part of the family.”  Louise took those learnings to heart and these days, her Bulacan home now allows their dogs to enter and stay.

Now that the cities are opening up, Louise gives her dogs the best of both worlds. Bella and her siblings stay in Bulacan for a couple of weeks and then move to Rizal for the next 14 days. These precious bonding moments between the human companion themselves and their families would extend to their pets.

Bella has since discarded her shy demeanor to reveal her “loud, bold, and fierce” side. Her favorite pastime is messing around with senior lady dog Kitkat who likes her around. “She’d bully Kitkat and bite her tail and ear,” Louise described one encounter.  Kitkat, whose dog age is close to a human grandmother’s, would just indulge the younger Bella, who would be like her canine granddaughter.

Louise, although a young adult by human standards, was also a quiet home lover whose temperament was closer to Kitkat’s than Bella’s. “I am a home buddy type of person,” she admits. Even before the pandemic, she would “opt to stay at home instead of going to the malls. I’d rather study, binge movies, or lie in bed.”

But “crazy” Bella’s fun-loving energy would disrupt all that. “Our lives became crazy because Bella is very energetic,” Louise says with a smile. “She has a hobby of running around the house back and forth. It’s part of her routine—running like crazy.”


She couldn’t sleep until she was beside me in bed. If she wasn’t in my bed, it’s like something is missing.



Yet Bella also has a tender side once she calms down, especially before bedtime. “She’d follow me up to the restroom,” says Louise. “She couldn’t sleep until she was beside me in bed. If she wasn’t in my bed, it’s like something is missing.”

Once everything returns to normal, Louise plans on bringing Bella to the mountains and rivers that she loves. It turns out that the tiny poodle also gets her thrills in running through the tall forests or stepping her toes into the edges of a lagoon. “I’d let her enjoy the waves, run around, play fetch, and cuddle with everyone else,” Louise says wistfully. “Bella is really small but she’s God’s biggest blessing.”


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