Philippines’ Next Top Pawdel

Let their candid portrait speak for itself with their paws, ears, snout, tail and eyes.

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The Pet Visuals

The Pet Visuals is a photography studio specializing in pet portrait. Its portfolio includes portraits from large breeds of dogs up to small pet animals such as hamsters. Their unique photography tecnhiques capture the unspoken love of pets and their human companion.

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Pupsicles serves a guiltless indulgence of popsicles in an edible stick that’s safe for both dogs and humans. Each unique flavor are made of natural ingredients such as strawberry, banana, watermelon, coconut, peanut butter and pumpkin.

Alpipu's Supawmarket
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Alpipu's Supawmarket

Alpipu’s Supawmarket is a brand new general merchandise store for pets founded by our superpawdel Alfie the Balfie. They import premium pet accessories and consumables to raise the lifestyle of pets in the Philippines.

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Acuaverde Beach Resort

Acuaverde is the beach resort destination for every man, woman and of course, man’s best friend!

It has pet-friendly services for house dogs and cats such as specially curated care packages and an exclusive pet menu to satisfy their cravings as well!

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Aikelev is an Indonesian brand specializing in pet bandanas, toys, and treats. Its fashionable pet bandanas make a difference in an indifferent world.

Philippines’ Next Top Pawdel Grand Prizes

Next Top Pawdel of the Month Prizes

Meet our #NextTopPawdel of the Month

Get to know our featured monthly Next Top Pawdels with their unique stories of love and relationship.

What’s your story? Loving pets as family

It doesn’t matter to our pets whether we feed them with leftover food or a premium pet food. They’d still love us the same even if we live together in a shanty or we’re broke. All that matters is we give them the tender loving care in whatever form, shape, or size.

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  1. Answer the pre-qualifying questions of love in the link provided above for a chance to be a Top Pawdel of the Month.
  2. Monthly winners must have their winning pet’s portrait taken in full Pawdel pawllection at The Pet Visuals’ studio.
  3. Top Pawdels of the Month are entitled to a free 3-hour pet portrait session (both solo and accompanied).
  4. One (1) pet is equivalent to one single entry.
  5. Only one (1) qualified pet can be admitted in the pet portrait session.
  6. Top Pawdel of the Month winners are ineligible to join the succeeding monthly Top Pawdel.
  7. Top Pawdel of the Month is limited to an undisclosed number of entries each month.
  8. Once the monthly contest is closed, wait for the next month’s contest to reopen.
  9. Free 25 post-shoot processed images in full Pawdel pawllection.
  10. Monthly winners will be transported for free via Pawdel’s service private vehicle to The Pet Visuals studio.
    *Pick-up and drop-off is limited to Metro Manila and nearby provinces only (Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Bulacan)
  11. The grand winner of the Philippines’ Next Top Pawdel will be selected by a panel of judges. They will be rating the 12 Top Pawdels of the Month’s portraits on the merits of who best articulates their unspoken love through the lens of the camera.

Featured #NextTopPawdel of the Month

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