Free Smart ID Tag for Every Adopted Shelter Animal

Written by Arrian Lim

Co-founded Pawdel to be at the forefront of this crazy emerging trend of pet humanization by creating wearable pieces of love for our pet companion.


A rehomed shelter dog goes missing. Back in the streets again.

As if the circumstances that brought them to an animal shelter weren’t tragic enough, newly rehomed shelter dogs are at risk of going missing. This is because of their unfamiliarity and mistrust of their new environment. For someone who, admittedly, has not volunteered in an animal shelter, it was somewhat counter-intuitive for an erstwhile homeless pet to run away from a much-desired home. I learned of this from Ms. Isay Halabay, one of the volunteers of Animal Kingdom Foundation, during the recently concluded Pet Summit Philippines. We joined the pet trade show to showcase our brand new pet tech software that is primarily designed to

  1. Accelerate the recovery of a missing pet,
  2. decelerate the overcrowding of animal impounding centers; and
  3. reduce stray animals on the streets.

It didn’t take long in my conversation with Isay before I recognized these three purposes of Pawnec are exactly what the proverbial doctor would prescribe for a newly rehomed shelter animal! I’ve seen celebrities, bigger companies, and philanthropists contribute to many of the leading animal shelters in the country. But I realized the technology that we have is something we can sustainably contribute that addresses a very unique need of organizations like Animal Kingdom Foundation and Cats of Manila — two organizations that I had the privilege of knowing during the Pet Summit Philippines.

We created Pawnec’s unique business model to be as indiscriminate as possible to all breeds, species and walks of life. It would be hypocritical of us to deny such technology to dogs and cats who need it the most. The very same dogs and cats who were once homeless and unwanted. It is with this premise that we are committing a free smart ID tag to every adopted dog and cat in Animal Kingdom Foundation and Cats of Manila in their respective adoption drives. Our commissioned digital artist will soon design a digital art to celebrate and promote the adoption of shelter animals. This exclusive iteration of the IndieTag will be exclusive only to these adoptees.

My aspin Robby was once a stray too that we picked up from the streets in 2014. Robby inspired me to be a Founding PawDad of Pawdel. It comes full circle now that we are giving back what we owe to Robby.

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1 Comment
  1. Isay Halaba

    Thank you so much Pawnec family for your support of our campaigns and shelter animals. This is an amazing product for all pet owners. We will also continue to support your good company for the kindness and generosity you have given our dear rescues.


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