A Fool-Proof Formula for Easy Dog Gifts


Written by Cora Llamas

Content strategist, project manager, and reluctant cat whisperer. 🙂 Going back to my love of and care for pets. Used to have a lot of dogs years ago until life and work happened. Now I still got an azkal-jack-russell terrier and a cat who keeps on insinuating herself in my life. My 5-year-old grandnephew loves pets so who knows? our menagerie just might grow.


Christmas and New Year are just a few days away, and many of us pet owners and dog lovers will be sharing the festivities with our furry friends. They are not just companions after all but they are family—and perhaps our best buddies and BFFs as well. They bark and run with us when we are happy, and they comfort us when we are down. And when things get rough, they are there with us all the way.  During this season of giving, it is only right that we give back. But how do we choose the best gifts for our pets—the easy dog gifts that will make them happy but will not strain our budget or compel us to overshop?

There is a way to do it: what we call a fool-proof formula for easy dog gifts.

…buying purely out of necessity can end up your choosing a usual item that is far from extraordinary. Remember that this is the season of joy.

#1 Price

First, let’s get the budget out of the way. We do it with our human family—it’s no different with our canine one. Set aside a specific cost for the gift you will buy your favorite Labrador, Dachsund, or Aspin. Make it part of your shopping list—that way you don’t forget about it when you finally hit the supermarket or, during these COVID-induced lockdowns, your online marketplaces. As to the price, it really has to be something that you can afford (obviously), but at the same time raise it than your usual standard. It should not break your budget by any means but give yourself and your pet a bit of allowance in case you do find something that they (and you like) and just might be pricier than your usual.

#2 Need

Buy something that your pet really needs. That’s another utilitarian side of pet gifting. Your easy dog gifts have to be something that can benefit him in the long term—and not a cute shiny object that he or she will play around with and then forget (or tear apart amidst great joy) after a few days. It has to be something that will last. For the dog’s sake, so he can enjoy many happy returns with it—as well as yours, to give you bang for your buck.

#3 Enjoyment

The other side of need is that while it is necessary, buying purely out of necessity can end up your choosing a usual item that is far from extraordinary. Remember that this is the season of joy—and your easy dog gifts should have your puppy and its mom and/or dad (if they are still around) playing around with them like crazy.  The easy dog gifts should catch your beloved dog’s attention. It can be a brightly-colored ball that he’d love to chase endlessly, or a small comfy bed that he can choose to either sleep in—or just tinker around playfully.

#4. Bonding time

Let’s not forget one important reason why we give gifts to our family and friends. It is not just to make them happy, but to strengthen the connection we share. It is no different with your pet. Your easy dog gifts can be a bridge that can bond the two of you even closely. That catchy ball can give the two of you hours of sheer fun, and that personalized exquisitely designed collar can also announce to the whole world your special friendship as you take your dog for his daily walk.

One great thing about #4 is that it leads to reason #5. Selfie time!

Your easy dog gifts should lead to a selfie moment, one showing your dog celebrating your present—and you joining along with him. Capture those moments with your camera for all eternity. Your pet dog should also get a kick out of it.

These are 5 simple tips that you can show you how to buy easy dog gifts for your dog. Start the habit with Christmas—and do them again during your pet’s birthday or yours!  His happy bark—or frolicking around—will be worth it.

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