Dog Names of the Month

December Pet Names of the Month

Written by Arrian Lim

Co-founded Pawdel to be at the forefront of this crazy emerging trend of pet humanization by creating wearable pieces of love for our pet companion.


Exactly two years ago, we started personalizing dog collars and name tags. To commemorate this important date in the young history of Pawdel, we will launch today the inaugural Dog Names of the Month. Every month moving forward, we will reveal the 12 #NameYourPawdel picks of the month. Let’s use our favorite number 12 because that is our magic number – the average lifespan of a dog.


Many people perceive Pawdel as the dog collar brand. Some think we’re a leather goods company. Not many of you know we have cat litter or a pet cologne. But of all the things that define our specialty in the pet care industry, nothing surmises it more than #NameYourPawdel – the identification of dogs and cats. #NameYourPawdel is a campaign launched on December 19 for the add-on service of personalizing our renowned dog collars and name tags.


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We’re a pet identification company that happens to identify dogs and cats on their collars and name tags. We just so happen to have a little bit of this and that in between. In conjunction with the year-long campaign of the Philippines’ Next Top Pawdel, we have the largest repository of male and female pet names in the country. We are witness to thousands of names, along with their meaning and an explanation on why PetParents gave this specific name to their pet.

To celebrate this unique distinction of having known thousands of dog and cat names, we are releasing the 12 #NameYourPawdel picks of the month.

Choosing a Name is the Most Exciting First Step in any Pre-Gotcha Day Experience

The first step in any pre-birth or adoption process is to search for a name. This first step alone is already a very exciting experience leading up to Gotcha Day.

So, we are sharing 12 shortlisted interesting names that we personalized on dog collars and name tags from the past month. To help future or prospective PetParents come up with a name for their next dog or cat, we are publishing a live poll so you can vote your own pick!

That’s it! We’re not going to ask for your name or your email address. We just want to keep this plain and simple and help name the next generation of pawdels. For now, we’re limiting the poll to just 100 participants. So go ahead and help our fellow PetParents name their new dog or cat.

Cast your vote now! 👉🏼 VOTE HERE 🐶 🐱

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