5 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make for your Pets

New Years Resolution for Pets

Written by Cora Llamas

Content strategist, project manager, and reluctant cat whisperer. 🙂 Going back to my love of and care for pets. Used to have a lot of dogs years ago until life and work happened. Now I still got an azkal-jack-russell terrier and a cat who keeps on insinuating herself in my life. My 5-year-old grandnephew loves pets so who knows? our menagerie just might grow.


The New Year always brings resolutions. But this time, why not make a few for your pet—not just for yourself—and see to it that you do keep them for your and his sake? Creating and doing new year’s resolutions for pets can help you and your beloved dog and/or cat bond powerfully. At the same time, it can give you an accurate indicator of how they are faring throughout this new year. Our pets have needs too, beyond their usual feeding and exercise time, and they may not know how to tell us. Come up with a list of things that they need to have or experience in order which can improve their health, hygiene, and appearance–and you just might even be able to tell how happier they are feeling as 2021 progresses.

Like human beings, pets need a nutritious diet to keep away physical weakness, inflammation, and vulnerability to diseases… As they age, leftover scraps and those sugary treats will become more harmful to their bodies in the long run.

Here are 5 new year’s resolutions you can make that will make 2021 a lot better for your pets:

1. Take them to the veterinarian ASAP. 

In the same way that you need to have an annual medical exam, your pet dog or cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian every year. It is not just about giving them their usual anti-rabies vaccine shots. An annual medical exam can also show you medical conditions you might not even suspect they have, such as arthritis. It can also prevent the onset of an illness. A visit to a vet is highly recommended especially if you think that your pet is overweight or underweight. You might also have to arrange pet transport days in advance.

2. Update their diet.

Sometimes in spoiling our pets, we do tend to forget what’s good for them. Or maybe we just do not have a clue. Like human beings, pets need a nutritious diet to keep away physical weakness, inflammation, and vulnerability to diseases. As they age, leftover scraps and those sugary treats will become more harmful to their bodies in the long run. Ask your vet—or an animal nutritionist if he knows one—to prescribe your pet a personalized diet that is suited for their age and weight. If there are indeed specific food items that you should give them, look for a store that does discount pet supplies. It is worth the effort: this new year’s resolution for pets will safeguard their health and wellness.

3. Take long walks together.

This is one of those bonding moments that you can do and enjoy together. Instead of just jogging alone, spend that morning to walk your dog or play around with your cat. Long walks can stimulate their muscles and cardiovascular systems in the same way that they will also improve your lungs and heart rate. Do it with him at least three times a week. This is one way to free pets from the confines, yards, and doghouses they find themselves in day in and day out. This new year’s resolution for pets will also be good for you, their human master.

4. Give your pet a personalized collar.

BFFs give each other bracelets and other tokens of friendship. Even if he cannot reciprocate it, you can do the same for your pet by giving him a custom-made collar that will show off his best traits or even speak of his personality.  Far from being a mere functional leash, a personalized collar is the closest thing that your pet can have in wearing something that represents his identity.

5. Create a separate bank account for your pet for emergency purposes.

Having an emergency fund for your pet will save you and him from anxiety and other kinds of emotional angst later on. A trip to a clinic should your pet suffer a major accident or illness can cost; worse, long-term rehabilitation or treatment can drain your own savings if you are not ready. The last thing you would want to worry about in that situation is money. Knowing that you have savings stashed for this kind of emergency will allow you to move quickly and confidently to save your pet’s life, should the need arise.

If you have not yet tried doing a new year’s resolution for pets, now is the time. These five tips can keep him healthy and happy at your side for a long time.  As his lifespan increases, yours just might, too.

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