Japanese-Inspired Dog Name Ideas

Written by Flordeliz-Rasmia Abdulkadil

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For many generations, our lives have been influenced by some other countries. We would love to experience or even replicate the lifestyle they have.

One of those countries is Japan, also known as The Land of the Rising Sun.

This influence trickles down to how we name our pets. These are the Top 12 Japanese Dog and Cat Names of the Month.

1. Hoshi

a Japanese name that means ‘Star’

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2. Aki

a Japanese name that means ‘Autumn’

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3. Sora

a Japanese name that means ‘Sky’

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4. Sakura

a Japanese word for ‘Cherry Blossom’

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5. Emi

a Japanese word for ‘Blessing’

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6. Remi

a Japanese word for ‘Clever’

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7. Takeo

a Japanese word for ‘Warrior’

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8. Haru

a Japanese word for ‘Spring’

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9. Hachiko

a remarkable loyal dog in Japan who would return to Shibuya Train Station each day to await his owner’s return. He continued to do this after his owner’s death for nine years.

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10. Aimi

a Japanese word for ‘Beautiful love’

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11. Yuki

a Japanese word for ‘Happiness’

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12. Chibi

a Japanese word for ‘small’ or ‘little’ and implies cuteness

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All of these names have their particular meaning. Personally, I would pick the name Emi – a Japanese name that means ‘blessing’. It is just right to call them a blessing because indeed, our dogs are blessing to us. Their loyalty and love towards us are incomparable.

Hachiko and Takeo round up my top 3. I would like to consider naming my dog Hachiko because he is an example that despite what had happened to his owner, his loyalty remains. Takeo means a warrior, and I would like my dog to know that no matter what obstacles in life, he will still manage to be strong as long as we have each other.

How about you? Which among these 12 Japanese pet names would you pick for your dog or cat? We would love to know!

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