Hollywood-Inspired Dog Name Ideas

Written by Arrian Lim

Co-founded Pawdel to be at the forefront of this crazy emerging trend of pet humanization by creating wearable pieces of love for our pet companion.


It’s Oscar season again! It is the time period in which Hollywood studios release or promote the films they consider most likely to be critically acclaimed, hoping to win at the Academy Awards.

So there’s no better way to release our monthly dog and cat name ideas than a list of 12 Hollywood-inspired pet names.

1. Dune

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2. Bardem

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3. Mirabel

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4. Coda

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5. Cruella

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6. Spencer

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7. Boom

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8. Attica

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9. Lunana

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10. Bestia

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11. Kachu

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12. Tammy

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Personally, I like Dune because it sounds like my dog’s name Duke. It’s familiar yet unique! Coda and Bardem round up my top 3. Coda is another short syllable pet name that can easily catch the attention of our furbabies. Bardem, on the other hand, is very manly and authoritative. It’s a name that I would consider when I finally have my own large breed dog. Haha!

How about you? Which among these 12 Oscar-Inspired pet names would you pick for your dog or cat? Do you have another Hollywood name that I missed? Leave your suggestion in the comments below to improve my list. Enjoy!

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